Published/Forthcoming Papers

Estimating the Impact of School Closings on Parental Choice (with Dennis Epple and Holger Sieg) [Supplementary Materials]
Quantitative Economics, Volume 9, Issue 1 (March 2018)

Does Environmental Policy Affect Scaling Laws Between Population and Pollution? Evidence from American Metropolitan Areas  (with Nick Muller)
PLOS ONE (August 9, 2017)
In the Media: Science Daily

Considering the Nuclear Option: Hidden Benefits and Internalized Social Costs of Nuclear Power in the U.S. Since 1970 (with David Adler and Edson Severnini)

Short- and Long-Run Impacts of Environmental Regulations on Firm Behavior: Evidence from the U.S. Electricity Sector, 1938-1999 (with Karen Clay, Joshua Lewis, and Edson Severnini)

The Economic Benefits versus Environmental Costs of India's Coal-Fired Power Plants (with Geoffrey Barrows and Teevrat Garg)

The Determinants of the Cost of Supply in India (with Fiona Burlig and Louis Preonas)