Working Papers

  1. The Economic Benefits versus Environmental Costs of India’s Coal-Fired Power Plants (with Geoffrey Barrows and Teevrat Garg)
  2. Regulatory Induced Risk Aversion: Coal Procurement at U.S. Power Plants
  3. Dynamic Regulatory Distortions: Coal Procurement at U.S. Power Plants
  4. Short- and Long-Run Impacts of Environmental Regulations on Firm Behavior: Evidence from the U.S. Electricity Sector, 1938-1999 (with Karen Clay, Joshua Lewis, and Edson Severnini)
  5. Testing for Price Convergence with Transaction Costs: An Application to Financial Trading In California's Wholesale Electricity Market (with Frank Wolak)
  6. Considering the Nuclear Option: Hidden Benefits and Internalized Social Costs of Nuclear Power in the U.S. Since 1970 (with David Adler and Edson Severnini)

Works in Progress

  1. The Determinants of the Cost of Supply in India (with Fiona Burlig and Louis Preonas)
  2. Optimal Taxation when Income Is Uncertain (with Dan Grodzicki)